Wordpress Developer

I make custom WordPress themes (like this one!) I like the robust CMS & supportive community that WordPress has to offer.

Marketing Automation

I’m Inbound Marketing Certified and Hubspot COS Certified. I have experience creating custom emails, landing pages, and websites in both the Hubspot and Marketo platforms.

UX/UI Design

When it comes to web usability, I follow the 'don't make me think' approach. I believe that the easier a website is to use, the more likely someone is to use it.

About Me

Hello there! My name is Jacey and I am a web designer & front-end developer. I’m currently a front end developer / software engineer at Target in Minneapolis, MN.
I consider myself to be a hybrid designer, not quite a pure engineer, not quite a pure designer, but with expertise and passion for both. I work best when I can toe the line between both of these areas within the design process.
I have a passion for responsive web design and the mobile first approach to web design. I love to read about RWD theories, practice tutorials, and occasionally evenabout the future of web design and digital marketing. (Though admittedly, I've taken a break from this for the past year or so) I'm inspired by Ethan Marcotte, Chris Coyier, Brad Frost (he re-tweeted me once!), Laura Kalbag, and Sarah Parmenter just to name a few!

I'm a big fan of the small agency lifestyle, I believe in dreaming big and getting stuff done.

Other things that I enjoy include: Craft-Beer, #LakeLife, Broadway Musicals, Crafting, Nail Painting, Game of Thrones, Netflix, and reading on my Kindle.

Past Projects

A look at a few of the websites I've designed and developed for work and in my free time




North Loop Brew Co

Learners Edge

Blue Water Theatre

Resolute Interpreting


Endeavor Air

Champion Performance

Fresh Cup Magazine

Digital Marketing Guidebook

57 Blogs

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2 eBooks

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33 Websites

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